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security camera installation

Security Cameras

Installation of cameras can give you eyes on all areas of your property that direct back to a central viewing area. Sound Decision can install residential or commercial cameras to add a layer of security to protect your assets, property and residents.

External residential security cameras monitor your property in real time. Knowing who is outside of your door when the doorbell rings can give you or your family confidence in their safety. Cameras that are part of a gated access control system to your property allow you to view and identify visitors before opening your gates. Properly positioned cameras with wide ranging angles can ensure there are no blind spots on your property. As well, panoramic cameras can do the job of multiple cameras , giving greater field of view and reducing installation costs.

A central viewing area for all camera systems can be the hub of your home or business. Security guards and managers can keep an eye on the entire area all at the same time. Installation of a CCTV or closed circuit television ensures you have a digital footprint of everything that goes on inside and outside of your facility. Night vision cameras can capture clear images when the sun is down or just when the lights are out. As well, cameras can be viewed from anywhere in the world. Sound Decision is also very aware of cybersecurity. Certain camera brands have created backdoors for hackers to get on your network and then obtain private information. Our brands are rigorously tested to preserve cyber security and coexist on your network while mitigating risk.

In your home, cameras can double as baby monitors so you can see your children no matter where in the house you are. The cameras can be linked to your phone so that you get an automatic feed of any camera with movement. When away from your property, you can notify authorities of unauthorized movement within or outside of your home.

Residential and commercial camera installation helps you to keep eyes on your property. Get a visual on visitors to allow or deny access and keep employees honest by having an eye in the sky when dealing with precious assets. Sound Decision can install a camera system that lets you feel safe and secure with the monitoring of your properties.

How do I get started?

The security camera installation process can vary greatly from client to client, but while some can be more time consuming than others, a proper plan must be in place with set expectations on delivery time. Let Sound Decision package it all together and provide you with an outlined network plan that provides you an affordable solution that fits your current and future needs.

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