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Gracias Madre

Project Overview

Gracias Madre,  a successful Mexican Vegan Restaurant in Northern California came down to LA and we were fortunate enough to be introduced by their general contractor, Ramland Construction. The owners also own the legendary vegan restaurants Café Gratitude.

Looking at the space, we determined that Community Entasys Column Array speakers would be the best selection for this space. We could mount speakers on one wall in the main Dining, and project sound 30 feet without a drop in volume. On wall subwoofers added low end warmth to the space.

Outside, on an amazing, romantic Patio, Community wall mounted CS6 speakers and landscape speakers from Episode allow sonic coverage while being able to maintain a conversation. The Episode landscape speakers look like low voltage planter lights , thus maintaining a low profile in the planters where olive trees where imported.

A Symetrix DSP processor allows wall controller and mobile app puts control at the fingertips of staff and allowed us to EQ and normalize the sound.

Security cameras from Versiton and and Wirepath 16 channel camera DVR allow event recording and remote viewing. Sound Decision also put in place the network cabling and POS wiring.

The average learning time on this system is 10 minutes or less.


Featured Products Used in Project

Symetrix DSP

Jupiter hardware runs downloadable apps.  There are over 70 to choose from for use in applications like mixing and automixing, routing, loudspeaker management, and special purpose signal processing to name a few. Target venues includes houses of worship, auditoriums, retail and hospitality establishments, sports facilities, transportation terminals, and many, many more.

LabGruppen Amplifier

The C 10:8X is an eight-channel amplifier that delivers 8 × 125 W* at 4 ohms, 8 ohms, 16 ohms or 70 Vrms; 250 W at 100 Vrms is available in bridge mode.

The C 10:8X is one of four C…X models in the C Series, each uniquely suited for a range of installed applications with relatively lower power output requirements. C…X models share most features of the original (higher power) C Series models, and they share the same compact, lightweight 2U chassis. However, the C…X models are offered in both four- and eight-channel versions, offering even greater channel density and installation flexibility. Also, because the unique benefits of Class TD® are more applicable at higher power levels, the C…X models employ a cost-efficient proprietary Class D output design. Other features unique to C…X models include a universal power supply, selectable 35 Hz high-pass filter, and built-in GPIO control facilities.

Community Speakers

Advanced fiberglass technology is still an important part of Community's product offerings. The ubiquitous R-Series, found in more P1020713new outdoor sport systems than any other professional full range loudspeaker, remains unsurpassed in terms of voice reproduction and long-term problem-free service. Community's WET systems, offering a combination of high fidelity reproduction and extreme weather resistance in a smooth, sculptured exterior, are a popular choice for the decks of the world's most exclusive cruise ships, high-end indoor/outdoor clubs and leading restaurant chains.

Wattbox Power Conditioner

If you’re tired of rolling a truck every time you need to reset a cable box, modem, router or other network device, the WattBox™ IP+ Controllable 12 Outlet Power Conditioner with Auto Reboot is the solution. It provides premium surge protection and noise filtration in a versatile rack-mount design, offers eight controllable outlets, and is smart enough to automatically reboot the device when network connectivity is lost. Add remote access, scheduling and email – and you can say goodbye to unnecessary service calls.

Wirepath DVR

The WPS-300-DVR-16CH is a professional-grade DVR that features advanced compression technologies and offers more processing power to deliver pristine video recordings. It also features an HDMI output, DVD sled for archiving, RS-232 for control system integration, included rack mounting hardware and buffered loop outputs, making this the perfect solution for estate monitoring or commercial surveillance.

Versiton Security Cameras

620 TVL High Quality Night Security Camera (Compatible with SDE-4001/5001/3003) RJ-45 connection - Aurora1B DSP - 620 TV-Line : Color, 680 TV-Line : B/W - 30M(100ft) range with Dynamic 30pcs of IR LEDs - 4mm Fixed Lens : (BSR30-F801) - DC12V only - Electronic Day & Night - 6mm Fixed Lens (Optional)

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