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We Install Distinguished Conference Room Video Solutions in Los Angeles

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A Distinguished Conference Room Video Solutions for growing businesses.

A conference room audio system could be just what you need to help close the deal with more clients. Having a TV with speakers with a HDMI plug that nobody can find or figure out how to hook up without calling in the IT guy makes you look like an amateur and could cost you new clients. Adding conference room automation will ensure you are always showing your clients that you are the best in town!

Why should you Upgrade your Conference Room Audio Visual Systems

In the Los Angeles area, businesses need to bring their “A” game to win new clients. Having boardroom automation shows them that you are a serious player in the industry and you care on making a professional presentation. At Sound Decision AV we can help you to get the edge to beat out your competitors to new clients and to keep the ones that you already have. While there is an investment to get the top of the line audio visual systems for conference rooms, we can work with you to fit within your budget and get the impact that you want.

Conference Room Scheduling System

Is overbooking of the boardroom a constant issue? We can put a conference room scheduling system in place to make sure that the room is available when you need it. Once your conference room installation is complete you can focus on having your room prepared for your presentations when they arrive. For clients, there is nothing worse than having a room that is not ready. It instantly shows that you do not care enough to meet deadlines.

Conference Room Climate System

When you are giving a presentation or speech in front of huge clients it always feels like someone turned up the heat. To make sure you don’t sweat like a pig in front of your potential clients you could have a boardroom climate system already set to keep the room at a cool temperature. You won’t look unprepared and your clients will be in a comfortable temperature controlled conference room.

Conference room shade automation

To bring the presentation experience to the next level, you’ll want everything to work as one when you are ready to present. The lights can dim, the temperature can set, and the shades can close so your client doesn’t need to wait for you to close the blinds manually. It will stop glares so they can see what you are bringing to the table and give the complete movie theater feel.

Conference room microphone system

Depending on the size of your boardroom and your speaking voice, you may want to consider a conference room microphone system. There is nothing worse than a client that cannot hear the words coming out of your mouth. For complete clarity during your boardroom presentation let Sound Decision AV let your voice be heard!

Video Conferencing system

In these modern times with employees working from home or teams that work in corporate offices in other cities, you need to connect your team into the boardroom meeting. We can help with video conferencing system installation so everyone can be on time to the meeting and connect in so every meeting is like having them there. Our conference room video solutions are perfect for any size business and will work to within you internal network. You can split the team into smaller screens within your main presentation on your HD or UHD projector and large screen.

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